Henri Matisse (1869 - 1954)

Acanthes, 1953
Lithograph after a gouache decoupee from Verve 35/36
14 x 10.50 x 26.67 in (35.56 x 26.67 x 67.74 cm)
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Llithograph (after the decoupage and gouache). Published in Paris by Teriade for Verve in 1958. VERVE 35/36 was devoted to Matisse's last works 1950 -1954 Matisse's later years were in part defined by his physical condition. Trapped, fopr the most part, in a wheelchais as a result of surgery for stomach cancer, Matisse was largely confined to art that could be made sitting down: drawings, paper cutouts, and designs for larger projects. The pieces below began life as sheets of paper that Matisse hand-cut and hand-painted. He then directed his assistants where to post them on large sheets of paper. For an issue of Verve devoted to his later works, Matisse supervised the production of lithographs after his paper cutouts. About half-way through the project, Matisse died and the works were printed as lithographs after the paper cut outs in a special issue of Verve entitled Les Derniers Oeuvres de Matisse and published in 1956. The ones that were produced before his death bear his signature in the stone; those after, lack it. The Verve Review, like its sister publications Derrier Le Miroir and Xxe Siecle, was a Parisian art journal seeking to bring the works of the emergent Modernist and Surrealist painters to a wider public. During its publication history it took a much more vibrant, edgier stance than did some of its contemporaries, concentrating on the works of Surrealists and the Avante Garde in particular. The Verve Review, from its very inception, was a purposefully luxurious magazine. It ran from 1937 to 1960, but with only 38 editions available, due to the high degree of design and editorial work dedicated to each issue. Each edition contained unique lithographic prints, commissioned by the editor, Teriade, from the most influential artsits of the time.
Acanthes by Henri Matisse (1869 - 1954)
Acanthes by Henri Matisse (1869 - 1954)

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