Martin Eichinger

Adrenaline Rising Bust (/195)
18 x 0 in (45.72 x 0 cm)
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Adrenaline Rising Bust shows the female character from Adrenaline Rising without the Ostrich beneath her. The woman's beautifully sculpted face and body are shown from the waist up. The woman's captivating eyes are locked upon something in the distance. Her pursed lips, sharp gaze, and furrowed brow reveal her concern. Adrenaline Rising Bust is the essence of risk evaluation. Martin Eichinger has been producing narrative, romantic, lost wax cast bronze sculptures for over 30 years. His approach to creating a mythic narrative in his work has influenced many modern day figurative and realist artists. There are stories that shine through his images, at times giving way to the sensitive nature of the artist's life and personality, others revealing his insight into our contemporary culture. And yet, there are those unparalleled moments when his sculptures simply give us joy and beauty.
Adrenaline Rising Bust by Martin Eichinger

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