Andy Warhol

Flowers, 1964
Offset lithograph on wove paper
23 x 23 in (58.42 x 58.42 cm)
Signed and dated lower right. Edition of approximately 300. Today the Flowers series may seamlessly blend in with Warhol's oeuvre, the subject matter was - at the time a sharp departure for an artist known for primarily for his images of brands, especially considering his last series was 12 Most Wanted Men. Warhol began work on his Flowers series in the summer of 1964, soon deciding that it would be the focus for his first show with Leo Castelli in the fall of that year. Unlike Warhol's work prior to this point - which drew upon images in the mass media as well as commercial brands - Warhol turned to a different source: a spread in a magazine called Modern Photography. The magazine's June 1964 issue featured a photographic spread of seven hibiscus flowers taken by executive editor Patricia Caulfield, printed three times in a fold outspread. The serial format undoubtedly appealed to Warhol's sensibility. His unauthorized use of another artist's photograph, however, landed him in trouble when Caulfield brought suit in 1966 (they settled out of court). From this time on, Warhol based his art on photographs he took himself. Publisher: Leo Castelli Gallery, New York Printer: Total Color, New York
Flowers by Andy Warhol