Salvador Dali (1904 - 1989)

Head of Roses (/198/350), 1981
Bronze sculpture with light up crutch
17 x 0 in (43.18 x 0 cm)
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ARTIST: Salvador Dali TITLE: Woman with a Head of Roses Sculpture with Light Up Crutch MEDIUM: Sculpture SIGNED: Signed in the sculpture EDITION SIZE: Edition of 350 FOUNDRY: Fonderia Art Bonvivini MEASUREMENTS: Sculpture: 14" Height Base: 3" Height YEAR: 1981 CONDITION: Excellent AUTHENTICITY: This piece has been certified by The Salvador Dali Archives. Reference: Dali, The Hard & The Soft by Robert & Nicholas Descharnes no. 684 page 267. The Salvador Dali Archives, located in New York, is a private repository of information about Salvador Dali, established with the approval of the artist by Albert Field over 50 years ago. The Archives, under the direction of Albert Field's successor, Frank Hunter, is able to provide an Authentication Service to owners of Dali prints and other Dali works. The Salvador Dali Archives is used by major Auction Houses, Art Dealers and Collectors to Authenticate works by Salvador Dali. The origin of "Woman with a Head of Roses" are found in a 1934 text "The Great Mannequin" that was published in Minotaure by Rene Crevel. The text reads: "But shall she appear and its spring, A ball of flowers shall serve as her head. Her brain is both beehive and bouquet. She has a breast for an entire corsage. Ribbons of honey serve as nerves and hair, dance on her membrane of little talking leaves that descend on bunches until her waist that they ring." (Eccart, 267)
Head of Roses by Salvador Dali (1904 - 1989)
Head of Roses by Salvador Dali (1904 - 1989)

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