Andy Warhol

Liz (/300), 1964
Offset lithograph on paper
23.12 x 23.12 in (58.72 x 58.72 cm)
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Hand signed in ball-point pen and dated. Printer: Total Color, New York. Publisher: Leo Castelli Gallery, New York. Feldman/Schellmann Catalogue Raisonne II.7. The colors and the iconic subject Warhol created in Liz Taylor encapsulate the pop art movement Andy Warhol founded. Based off a photograph taken in 1960 for her film, Butterfield 8, Warhol was fascinated with the tabloid fixture glamour and prestige of the actress. He took a particular interest in Liz Taylor and Marilyn Monroe, whom he eternalized in creating his famous portraits. Warhol was known for being attracted to all things famous, and his fascination with the private lives of celebrities was no different. Due to her multiple marriages and issues with her health, Liz Taylor was a fixture in the tabloid papers, drawing Warhol to her presence all the more. This particular piece was created while Taylor was at the top of her career, but also extremely ill. Warhol took his inspiration from a source image for Taylor’s upcoming film, Butterfield 8.The colors Warhol chose for the actress' face make her look as though she is glowing; Warhol's way of depicting the most glamorous celebrity constantly lit up by the flash of the camera.
Liz by Andy Warhol