Keith Haring (1958 - 1990)

Montreux Festival De Jazz (Magenta Background) (/1), 1983
39.40 x 27.50 in (100.08 x 69.85 cm)
The Montreux Jazz Festival, founded in 1967, is one of the most important musical events in Europe and has a history of enlisting international artists to create its official posters. In 1983, Pierre Keller, the Art Director for The Montreux Jazz Festival approached Keith Haring, a relatively unknown artist at the time, and asked him to produce a festival poster featuring a dancing figure. Haring submitted three design variations, and the festival, so delighted with Haring’s work, promptly accepted all three. The outcome of this creative union produced a trio of remarkable and iconic posters signed and dated in the plate by the artist. Haring Later went on to co-create another poster with Andy Warhol for the 1986 festival. To this day, the seemingly ephemeral works maintain true relevance as they aided in decreasing the space between the traditional art world and the fledgling street art scene that has revolutionized the Contemporary art movement.
Montreux Festival De Jazz (Magenta Background) by Keith Haring (1958 - 1990)

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