Purvis Young (1943 - 2010)

Peace After Battle , Circa 1999
Paint on wood panel
41 x 41 in (104.14 x 104.14 cm)
An orange and yellow glow creates a temporary aura of celebratory triumph. Horses, riders, and fighters are centralized and highly concentrated into the middle of the composition. In this cluster, a newfound confidence permeates the air. Heads are held high, while the stars in the sky shine bright for those who have fought, won, and survived. They live to fight another day. The found wood panels gives tribute and testament of the wonderous moment, shared by those present. High above, the ancestors are seen cradled in the evening’s illuminations, floating within too many stars to count. They provide shimmering rays of hope that beam down to the fighters, forging a beacon for a brighter future. This momentary peacetime is cherished after this battle, indeed a time to celebrate a win, but the war is far from over. The cosmos wraps them up in star-studded blanket to preserve the elated state, a peaceful rest.
Peace After Battle by Purvis Young (1943 - 2010)

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