Marcus Jansen (b. 1968)

Phone Infiltrations 1, 2019
Oil enamels, mixed media on canvas
48 x 60 in (121.92 x 152.40 cm)
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Jansen began the Phone Infiltrators series in 2006 and has continued the series now employing 1920 style phones. Until the 1920's, wiretapping was most often used by private detectives and corporations. It wasn’t until Prohibition that it became a common law enforcement tool, but even after a 1928 Supreme Court ruling narrowly affirmed the constitutionality of police wiretapping, its legality—and its morality—remained a point of fierce contention. Jansen’s “Orwellian Phones” depict the erosion of communication and confidentiality in our society.
Phone Infiltrations 1 by Marcus Jansen (b. 1968)

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