Martin Eichinger

Pivotal Moment (75/2)
40 x 0 in (101.60 x 0 cm)
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The action in her gesture, in the flow of her hair and skirt all suggest a lot of energy is going into a very small dance floor. We don't get a feeling that this dancer is in any way out of balance. She is fully alive and in total control. But a Pivotal Moment is more than that; it designates a change that is significant and permanently alters who we are and where we are going. She is in the process of turning and seeing a new future. Martin Eichinger has been producing narrative, romantic, lost wax cast bronze sculptures for over 30 years. His approach to creating a mythic narrative in his work has influenced many modern day figurative and realist artists. There are stories that shine through his images, at times giving way to the sensitive nature of the artist's life and personality, others revealing his insight into our contemporary culture. And yet, there are those unparalleled moments when his sculptures simply give us joy and beauty.
Pivotal Moment by Martin Eichinger

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