Purvis Young (1943 - 2010)

Watching Over, Circa 1999
Paint on wood panels
31.50 x 41.50 in (80.01 x 105.41 cm)
The watchers, the owners of the all-seeing eyes, pay close attention to the imprisoned. They watch over those caught and sent to these constructed detention centers. The incarcerated populations grapple with their steel prisons, tormented by the idea of freedom. Violence, blood, and battles have brought them here for one reason or another. The bell tolls for no one. With the background, void of any human contact, dissolves any vengeance that might be called. However, their belief in the nobility of the struggle against injustice is undiluted and un-dulled. On the left, the atmosphere is pressing down and closing in. On the right, the minimalist gesture almost mimics a vacuum that proves another reality is possible. Open space, nothing is undeniably inviting, and a juxtaposition from the solitary confinements of the opposite. Devoid of day and night, time, and personal concessions, we are at a loss while the gazes continue on.
Watching Over by Purvis Young (1943 - 2010)

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