David Magee


David Magee
David Magee (b.1963) is an Irish Artist born and raised in Cork, Ireland. He studied Fine Art at Crawford Municipal School of Art and in 1982, he attended Glasgow School of Art & Design where he studied under American fine-art landscape photographer Thomas Joshua Cooper. His works are held in both private and international collections. Recent Awards: Finalist - The Lucie Awards, New York, USA, October 2018 Winner - The Paris Photography Prize (PX3), Paris, France, June 2018 Silver Award - Moscow International Foto Awards, Moscow, Russia, May, 2018 Silver Award - Tokyo International Foto Awards, Tokyo, Japan, April 2018 ARTIST’S STATEMENT “My photographs are emotional experiences involving a lot of travelling, walking, sitting, waiting, thinking, re-thinking and finally creating. It’s the entire process that fascinates and motivates me...” My aim is to provide an antidote to the world we now inhabit, a world of excess, over-branding and mass production. My intention is to offer the viewer a point in time to reflect and be drawn into a world of oneness, contemplation and tranquility. To engage the viewer with the experience of being immersed in the landscape and the spirituality of nature, as well as touching on themes of transcendence and self. Earth,Water,Air... are the recurring elements that I work with. It is my relationship with and my interpretation of these elements that forms the basis of my photographs, in whatever form they take, once I am absorbed in the landscape. However, it is the composition and the combination of light, tone and movement and the passage of time used through extended exposures that reveals the atmosphere. The location itself is totally secondary to the feeling. The feeling is everything.