Brendan Murphy

Math equations and philosophical mind-mapping written on stoic astronaut statues, inside massive thumbprints, and canvases as chalkboards, provide a means to an end for Brendan Murphy’s conceptual diagrams - a Beautiful Mind where universal communications of emotions, wants, and desires takes the form of Contemporary Art Cryptography.

Part Venn Diagrams, part Executive Office white board Product Flow Mapping, and part Conceptual Mind Charting, Murphy delivers a mélange of artworks that dives deep into the subconsciousness.

Brendan Murphy has eloquently blended abstract and figurative forms to impress upon the viewer a sense of universal understanding through realized common-grounds and optimistic channels of philosophical revelations. Incontestable associations of mind and matter manifest artistic driven thoughts connecting man to man, man to the universe, and man to cosmic existentialism.

The flow charts of rerouted arrows that point elements to undiscovered epiphanies in “Moment of Destiny” to the trilateral assimilation of underlying emotions and swirling gyrations of yearnings in “Answers”, to the materiality of emotionally fluid (but physical) identifiers of neurophysiological behaviors and responses, Murphy’s art is but intuitive mark making by the artist that breathes life into manifestations of the NOW.

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Murphy relies on phrases, idioms, and slogans, not the abstract gestures of painterly expressionism to impart his world of visual plotting. We follow the lines of text and letters as they churn and agitate our subconscious. Deep into the artworks’ composition we reflect on our own reality - insecurities, loves, passions, and longings, to find a constantly evolving truth. A circumstantial experience driven by impulsive stimuluses, this artistic candor is where dreams point to wants, and desires are wonders that leave us having more questions than artist-provided answers.

Words like “Dream” and “Love” are accentuated by “Believe” and “Power”, in the painting, “Twilight”, as the viewer wrestles to conceptualized script that relates to nothing and everything in an almost half empty, half full experience. Our eyes spin and rotate within these powerful and almost prophetic phrases of eccentric exaltations. Neither pompous nor pretentious, the sayings by Murphy conjure an unconscious aura of inner peace that summons all of us through a string theory connectiveness. Murphy provides foundations and formulas to show we are all one in the same - with similar needs, aspirations, longings, and unattainable hungers.

Brendan Murphy visualizes a world in which a spiral of unconnected words become a relevant mantra of contemporary culture. This new world, formed by expressing the inner thoughts into the outer atmospheres of each moment is now a summoned philosophical civil society where all beings possess the same primordial desires, but form connections with uninhibited aspects of personal reflections.

“Intuition Dream Candy Heart”, “Trust Lust Fascination Candy Heart”, “Passion Steal Love Candy Heart” are Pink Chrome hearts that reflects reality in such a hazy transient way that we see the momentary existences that struggle to materialize, like failed dreams and lost hopes, but the artist provides a verbal lifeline. Murphy conveys positive thoughts through codes, equations, arrows, parentheses, numbers, and the like to entice us to follow through with those personal goals and aspirations; harness the love and passion we find in our hearts and fulfill our destiny.

Our artistic understanding of these seemingly random rambles radiates outward and ties us all into one universe where reciprocal acknowledgment, and admiration is a world Murphy provides not in jest or banter, but in earnest integrity.

Brendan Murphy currently works from his home-based studios in Malibu, CA and Miami, FL. Notable mentors include Eric Fischl, David Salle, and Ross Bleckner. His work is represented in over 600 private collections and his new works are commonly featured at Art Fairs around the world through his gallery representation in the USA, Canada, Germany, Colombia, England, and Monaco.

New artwork by Brendan Murphy as his exhibiting debut with the gallery can be seen at New River Fine Art, 822 E. Las Olas, Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, Fl. 33496 Ph. 954-524-2100.

822 E Las Olas Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
822 E Las Olas Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
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