Divided We Fall: Marcus Jansen and Purvis Young

“Divided We Fall”

July 22 - Aug 22, 2020

Divided We Fall is a curated art exhibition at New River Fine Art 

featuring artwork by two African American artists, 

Purvis Young (1943 – 2010) and Marcus Jansen (b. 1968). 

The show addresses themes of racial inequality and urban identity juxtaposed with capitalist paradigms. Both artists have lived and thrived in these modern-day times of cultural divides. 

Although from different generations, Young and Jansen have experienced irrefutable racial inequalities and prejudices firsthand. Their artwork expresses literal, as well as metaphysical, allegories of social injustice and issues of race, but in very distinct and unique ways. 

Theirs is a cautionary tale stretching from influences of our nation’s past and an understanding of current policies and serves as a guiding beacon towards constructive dialogue and change.


The exhibition catalog for DIVIDED WE FALL is available to view on issuu.com and can be found at:






822 E Las Olas Blvd
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822 E Las Olas Blvd
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